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Analysis of the future of smart home industry: market breaking point has not yet arrived

From wired to wireless, from concept hype to application implementation, smart home has achieved a qualitative leap over a decade of development. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, smart home has become extremely hot in recent years, and the market has sprung up all kinds of smart home products, from switch remote control to intelligent sensing to mind control. What is the future of China's smart home industry in 2017?
Multi-enterprises have begun to lay out the smart home market, and Internet enterprises, home appliance enterprises and real estate enterprises have more and more cross-border cooperation, making the smart home industry the focus of the public. At present, China, with 1.3 billion people, has more than 100 million potential smart home customers. This group is equivalent to more than half of Europe, forming a huge and fashionable market.
It is expected that smart home will maintain high speed growth in the coming years, and more and more families will try smart home products. "Intelligent household equipment industry market and investment strategy planning report pointed out that does not mean manufacturers flocking industry has matured, more time suggests that the industry is in the early stage of development, has not yet formed a clear business model and business forms, GeChang manufacturers in according to their own judgment to explore the trend. The overall growth rate of the smart home market in China is about 13% in the next three to five years, and the market outbreak has not yet arrived.
Smart home product integration into the mainstream, towards ecological and platform. Product integration is more and more become the mainstream of the industry development, a device can play a variety of functions, such as on CES2016 exhibition, launched SUHD smart TV is not only a symbol of 4 k high-definition LCD smart TV, more integrated smart home platform, as a smart home center, to achieve the centralized management of the equipment.
The fragmentation, intelligent household industry standard is not unified, connectivity is not conducive to intelligent household products, will be the development barriers, many enterprises start platform and ecological layout. Although the platform and ecological industry will need the precipitation and inspection of time, we can see the progress and change of the whole industry, and the smart home platform and ecology have become a trend.
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