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How to break the smart home market entrepreneur? There is much to be done in the field of smart mono

In 1996, there was an annual bestseller called "the road to the future" by Bill Gates. He accurately predicted many of the technologies that have been implemented, such as music, which will be available on servers for people to download, rather than selling frayed discs and tapes; Future TV programs are watched by the audience rather than passive. In the book, Bill Gates talks about the concept of "smart home", and he changes his mansion to a full house intelligence scene.
It is generally recognized by the starting point of the concept of smart home, after that, because the underlying technology, network transmission, control equipment, etc. The development of technology, the intelligent household is more and more frequent everybody's field of vision. However, the incremental sense of value always seems to be a little weak, and the penetration of the family has never been to a base.
Now we are in the transition from "functional home" to "smart home". In this stage, the key technology is strides to improve and upgrade, the value of consumer demand in are constantly explore and reshaping, functional requirements are also in the change of the market continues to be upgraded and clear.
What kind of "smart mono" is more investment value? For us, the current stage will focus more on the stability, the function richness, the application of key technologies, the rationality and value of the commercial scenarios. We spent a lot of time researching the theme of smart home, almost visited the top companies, then went into the single product, and finally locked the smart door lock category.
We think: single with a logic of consumer goods, the dividend is very obvious, and smart door lock has high frequency in the field of smart home, just need to wait for a characteristic, is one of the core product of smart home system. In the future, people's living space will be more diversified, and the smart locks that meet the convenience and management needs of such accommodation will become the core elements of future smart security system.
The development trajectory of smart home companies is the evolution process of a few or even single core products, from point and surface, which must be extended by the core products to the establishment of ecological platform. And intelligent household ecotype company's business is based on with the user experience, high quality intelligent household products, so to smart home's current stage of development, the current is heavy core product phase. For the product definition must be based on the needs of the consumers, maybe from the stock of consumer pain points in mining, value point to solve will be a breakthrough, so that we can more convenient to help business enterprises for product positioning in the incremental market.
The innovation that surrounds space, residence is happening continuously, the actual scene of intelligent household is approaching. Share investment will be around the goods, technology, and the overall concept of "live" to dig the most promising smart sheet is tasted, its characteristic is, the various subsystems complete, fully functional elements, and the ratio of the penetration rate is higher, at the same time in the eyes of consumers enough.
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