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The aging process accelerates the development of the intelligent security speed of the family

Since 2014, the major manufacturers and platform security company has begun dense family oriented intelligent security product line layout, although from industry, the industry has not been particularly successful cases, this adumbrative industry development is still in the exploratory stage, but more and more manufacturers begin to enter and participate in, has made the outside world to realize intelligent household security for the future development prospects and great potential. The next 1-2 years, intelligent household security on the one hand into a relatively rapid growth stage, there are many factors can show that intelligent home security will into rapid development phase, on the other hand deal with technical standards began active exchange and fusion, phenomenon began to appear and even become a mainstream industry m&a.
China's aging process has accelerated
Look from the ability to pay, the domestic end users to buy home intelligent system products has been tepid, investigate its root cause lies in the fastest to accept new things young people, are still at the stage of rent, purchase ability is limited, and age to go up again, have the ability to pay. From the demand side, the one-child policy and the reason of different works, many old people do not get very good support and assistance, the elderly life action inconvenience, critical cases lose contact with care and family, intelligent home security system especially need at this time, and the elderly population has enough economic basis. So observing the aging process of China is very important for predicting the growth of the smart home market.
Along with the advance of time, has been accelerating the aging process of China, in 2020, this proportion will increase to 18%, the demand of the intelligent home security, fall in the larger population ages, namely the elderly, at the same time, the aging schedule advance, expansion of the market demand is to support family intelligent security into the rapid development of one of the factors.
With the advent of the Internet of things and the era of big data, the concept of "home intelligence and security" has been popularized.
Cultivation and education of the market is a new technology from the market to spread the point in the middle of the process, with big data and popularization of the concept of Internet of things, intelligent home security system can provide users with better service experience and life became the choice of the consumers, at the same time, the popularization of the concept of the traditional household giants and Internet giant into the market to reduce the resistance, the rapid development of Internet of things and big data also support the family of intelligent security into the rapid development of one of the factors.
Consumer money is more and more, and the price of home intelligent security system is getting lower and lower
To look at it from the aspects of purchasing power, according to estimates, according to the 2010 to 2016, urban per capita disposable income grew by an average of 9%, by 2019, urban per capita disposable income will increase to 42000 yuan, a family of three, family annual income is about 84000 yuan of above.
Intelligent home security systems as a family as the unit for installation, the average price is currently in the 1-30000 yuan between, to be sure with the growth of the time, the development of the technology would lead to intelligent home security systems products falling prices. The increase of consumers' purchasing power and the decrease of product prices have led to the growing and rapid development of the market scale of home intelligent security system.
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