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Is smart home not favored? See these seven myths again

The concept of smart home has been integrated into the concept and life of most people, and more and more home products and ideas have joined the smart ranks. People are willing to use their phones to control the air conditioning and locks of their homes, and they also enjoy using electronic devices to control the lights and even the curtains... It's a little provincial and foreign.
These two years, we often hear people talking about a word, called "smart home", the understanding of it, a lot of people think it is not simple, just like our smartphone of smart home. Is it really understood? Obviously, most people have some common-sense myths about what smart home is, and what's wrong with it.
1. Need to redecorate the house?
Some people think that smart home is a part of the home decoration, if you want to be smart home, you have to redecorate.
Is not, the smart home is cable installation before, whether to install or use more troublesome, with the progress of science and technology, now most of the smart home use wireless control mode, the original decoration don't have to make big changes, only need to replace some smart accessories such as intelligent switch and intelligent socket, etc., can be easily installed intelligent household.
2. Smart home appliances is smart home
Currently on the market of smart sheet is tasted, intelligent home appliance variety, many manufacturers in the marketing, with intelligent household brand, build to our consumer with the idea of intelligent household appliances is equal to the smart home, raise prices to boost consumption. Actually, this is a very big mistake.
Intelligent household appliances, smart appliances and intelligent nature of the item or item equipment, they are just a part of the smart home platform, or intelligent terminals, such as washing machines, refrigerators, or manipulation of the platform, such as smart TV, etc. And smart home is a platform, through which we can control all the devices of the home, which is an intelligent control system.
Wired is better than wireless
Previous smart home is wired installation, whether install, use, or later adjust maintenance is more troublesome. With the progress of science and technology, the current wireless function is more, the later maintenance and adjustment is also convenient, completely can replace the cable, the stability is not better than the cable.
4. Smart home is not very useful for APP control
One advantage of the smart home is that you can control the lights, locks, curtains, appliances, etc. Perhaps because these years industry strongly promotes this characteristic, so in many consumer's heart, the intelligent household is almost equal to the APP control drawing. Although to some extent to bring convenience to life, but many times, it does not feel very useful. In addition, in some cases, different products should be controlled by different apps, which makes people feel "chicken ribs".
In fact, many times the consumer's understanding of "APP control" is more superficial. First of all, through various agreements, we can realize the interconnection of various products and no longer worry about the problems of multiple apps. Second, APP control is now generally used for remote control, so that it can highlight its convenience. If you are at home, the control of the appliance can be done manually or by voice.
If you lose your phone, you'll be in hot water
The smart system can control the state of the home via the mobile phone APP, so what happens if the phone is lost? In fact, this problem is very easy to solve, many people will use mobile phone bank to make easy payment, but not too worried about the security of mobile phone lost.
The same is true for smart home, where users will have their own user name and password, and can set the permissions of relevant accounts. Once the phone is lost, we only need to use the computer or other mobile devices, and the login system can change the password to solve the problem without worrying about the security problem caused by the loss of the phone.
6. The price is very expensive and the price is too low
High prices are why many consumers are stuck. This problem can be understood in two parts:
Firstly, with the improvement of intelligent technology, many intelligent products are now cheaper than before and can achieve more stable performance. A smart door lock, up and down from 2,000 yuan, can be used to include remote control and fingerprint locking. Share passwords, alarms and other comprehensive functions. The average decoration cost of the smart home is about 20% of the hardcover cost, which is a set of 100 thousand yuan decoration, with an average increase of 20,000 yuan, which can realize the intellectualization.
Secondly, the cost of smart home depends on the specific demand, and it is economical and economical. For example, owners need only security or smart door locks, which are not very expensive. However, if you need to achieve full house lighting control, home video, intelligent security, etc., you need higher fees.
8, not "just need" can not be popularized
There are a lot of people think that smart home has been popularized doesn't open because it is not the rigid demand, this thesis zha look seems to be right, but as long as a little thinking falls, why?
The reason is simple, people's yearning for a good life will not disappear at any time, it will even promote social progress.
If you want to solve the need, a small set of houses will be enough to live on. Why are there all kinds of buildings in the market? From this perspective, the ultimate pursuit of the good life is also a new need, the smart home is the beautiful pursuit of people in this era, therefore, smart home is also "just need".
In fact, the smart home is not as complicated as we thought. If you just do a little bit of it, you will find that it is actually the simplest and most affordable high-tech product.
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