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What are the main kinds of smart home? Product classification lets you know what you need in seconds

What are the smart home products? For many people, the classification of the smart home product is not very clear, as far as decoration network is concerned, there are eight major subsystems of smart home, there are twenty classes. So, do you know what information you need? After reading these detailed classification forms, you will understand the second. Suggest first code to see!
With the continuous development of smart home industry, various classification of intelligent household products and brand awareness, for many dealers to join, how to do the classification of the intelligent household products can become a notable problem, smart home industry is currently in high-speed development period, the product category and type to be general framework, has yet to achieve differentiation, many industry insiders for product category is not enough understanding is also understandable. Below decorate net small to come to share the classification of smart home product.
Smart home what is the main - intelligent household product classification
Intelligent household system includes main subsystems: household wiring system, home network system, intelligent household (central) control system, household lighting control system, home security system, background music system, home theater, and multimedia system, family environment control system such as the eight system, including intelligent household (central) control system, household lighting control system, home security system is a necessary system.
Smart home system products will be divided into 20 categories: control the host (centralized controller), the intelligent lighting system, electric control system, background music, home theater systems, intercom systems, video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, electric door lock, intelligent sunshade, electric curtains, hvac systems, solar and energy saving equipment, automatic meter reading, smart home software, home wiring system, home network, hutch defends television system, movement and health monitoring, automatic watering, pet care of flowers and plants and animals.
Smart home products are divided into three types: centralized control, fieldbus and wireless mode. The wireless control system can be divided into infrared communication, rf wireless communication and power carrier communication.
The intelligent household mainly has the - adornment net intelligent household eight subsystem and its function introduction
1. Intelligent lighting control: the control of lighting scene effects can be realized by using remote control and other intelligent control methods.
2. Intelligent electric control: the control of a variety of electric appliances can be realized by using the control mode of the weak current. For example, intelligent temperature control, no matter where people are, can remotely control the home air conditioning, earth heating, new wind and other systems, providing a constant temperature and comfortable indoor environment for users.
3. Security monitoring system: implement the automatic monitoring and management of the security system, and the security monitoring system can automatically call the police if there is a fire, harmful gas leakage, theft, etc. When users are not at home, they can also check and control videos in real time, such as computers and mobile phones, and control them remotely.
4. Intelligent background music: any position in the family, can the MP3, FM, DVD, computer and other sound source system combination, let beautiful background music can be heard in every room, beautify the space decoration effect.
5. Intelligent video sharing: digital TV set-top boxes, DVD, VCR, video equipment such as satellite receiver center install in a concealed place, the system can let a sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, and other Shared family room TV set video library, and through the remote controller to choose their own like audio source for viewing.
6. Home theater systems, is to establish a close to the cinema in the family environment effect of the system, let the user at home can enjoy theater effect level of movies, listen to music to enjoy professional level sound.
7. Intelligent watering system: you can set automatic watering regularly, every N days are too busy to take care of the garden to look at home on computer, automatic watering button, can according to the set pattern for the entire garden watering.
8. Control system integration, effectively improve the utility rate of the product, as far as possible to reduce costs to maximize the function, the purpose of implementation allows users need only in the system integration of intelligent household products, can be done lighting control, electric control, security alarm, background music, the video sharing and weak current information, and other functions.
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